Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wildside Grill, Tofino, BC

What a great place! It was pouring outside and we walked a brisk 10 min from the Wickinnish to the Wildside Grill for some fresh outdoor seafood dining. Our driver from Orca Airways to the hotel told us they had the best panko crusted fish and chips and boy was he right!

The thin batter Ling Cod and freshly cut potatoes fries were just outstanding. The seafood wonton soup was delicious. The flavors would just keep appearing with every bite. Noodles, cilantro, salmon, baby shrimp, brocolli to name a few of the ingredients. It was a perfect dish for a cold, rainy, fall day.

The coleslaw had surprise slices of apples which added tremendous flavor and delight to the meal

Strongly recommended!

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